Our Story

We believe in pushing the boundaries of automotive performance. Enzo Ferrari once said that, “Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races”.   We believe in winning. Not just for the sake of the win but the attitude of aspiring to be the best and do better than the competition.  Our company name, “Torq”, is a daily reminder that we are working to win in all that we do.  We work to challenge the status quo and push the game to the next level.

Founded in 2011, Torq, is an emerging design and manufacturing company whose focus is delivering cutting edge performance products to the automotive aftermarket. That’s a fancy way of saying that we create and build quality parts for the world of motorsports.  Our team is made up of designers, engineers, fabricators, and machinists with a passion for fast cars, healthy motors, and wicked burnouts.  We are the kind of organization that doesn’t believe that good is good enough.  We have worked hard to cultivate the right mixture of skills, team members, and manufacturing resources to bring new innovations to the market. We are not just and axle manufacturer.  We are a design firm that specializes in engineered solutions.

Simply stated, we build the best off road axles in the world.  Our Torq and Super-14 axle platforms are superior in design, strength, and longevity when compared to any other race axle.  Why axles?  Torq Axles give your drive train the strength advantage to put power to the ground.  Anything else would leave your vehicle with “all show and no go”.  We are also an industry technical resource and retailer for quality race components that are complimentary to our own line of products. We are Torq Motorsports…


OUR Vision

“To become the world’s leading innovative, technical authority in specialty automotive drive-train & suspension technology. Torq’s team will continue to redefine the landscape of vehicle performance standards through the continued delivery of leading edge products, technology, and engineered solutions to the automotive market space.”

We don’t just build our products.  We engineer them.  At Torq we engineer our products in-house using the latest CAD software.  Critical components are further analyzed using Finite Element Analysis Software to ensure optimal strength and performance.



We believe in the power of American manufacturing.  Our raw materials are sourced domestically.   Not
only do we source our materials domestically but we also build all of our parts here in our home town of
Salt Lake City, Utah. 






Our Mission

To innovate, design, and deliver quality cutting edge solutions to the performance automotive market.  To be bold, creative, and lead our industry in a manner that inspires others to follow.





 Torq Motorpsorts

Engineered | Hand Crafted |  MADE In the USA