Who runs Torq Axles?  Are they strong?  Does anyone race on Torq Axles?  Is Torq even race proven?  These are questions we hear once in a while.  If you’ve never hear of Torq chances are you may have some of these same questions.  Below you’ll find details on racers and vehicles running Torq Axles.  We have also included videos to give you an idea of what our axles are built to handle.


Ben Swain

Ultra4 car Number #36

  • Torq Super-14’s Differentials and fabricated housings Front & Rear
  • LS3
  • Hero Transfer Case
  • Jimmy’s 4×4 Chassis



Joe Pierce /AKA the Maine Maniac

  • Big Power
  • Big Tires
  • Torq Super-14 Front Diff
  • Joe Pierce / LetzRoll Custom Chassis


#yukongearandaxle #SRRS #adsracingshocks

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Ryan Bramhall / Hulk Buggy

“These are the strongest drop-in 14 bolts on the planet I run the hell out of mine”

  • LSX
  • Front and Rear Super-14 Diffs
  • Nitro Gear



Ryan Runs the infamous “Backdoor” Obstacle in less than 30 seconds


Weston Anderson / Ryan Anderson AKA Bog Hog

This awesome Mega truck was built by Ryan Anderson (Son Uva Digger) who is literally Dennis Anderson’s (Grave Digger) son.  As Ryan has moved on to his career as a professional Monster Truck driver his younger brother, Weston has taken the drivers seat of this truck and named it “Bog Hog”.  This truck originally  ran a Merlin big block which was producing around 1600 horse power.  As Bog Hog the truck has been detuned to small block pushing 1000 horse power for Weston.

  • Custom Willys Pickup Mega Truck
  • 1000 horse power
  • Super-14 front diff



Another shot of the bog hog this year at North vs South #boghog #mud #dammp @dennisanderson_original_gd @damm_park

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Torquezillion / Aric Streeter / Love Fab

  • Pikes Peak Race Truck
  • Bonafied Torque Monster
  • Stay tuned for more…


Chris Brown / CB Motorpsorts

  • Custom CB Motosports Chassis
  • Super-14 Front Diff





Tom Liu

  • Jimmy’s 4×4 Chassis
  • Super-14 Rear Diff



TTMotorsports - Tom Liu #4402
TTMotorsports – Tom Liu #4402

Kevin Yoder

  • Custom Yoder built Chassis
  • Pitbull Tires
  • Rear Super-14 Diff


#silt #ultra4 #yoderracing #wfoconcepts #pitbulltires

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The Torq Super-14 holds up when delivering power AND taking unplanned abuse!